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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Frisco, TX

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions Frisco, TX

1.Where are you located?

We are located on Custer rd and Eldorado pkwy in Frisco, Texas. - Contact

2.Do you provide boxes and packaging?

Yes we provide all your shipping needs from boxes, syran or bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and peanuts - Packaging & Moving Supplies in Frisco, TX

3.Do you do large format printing?

Yes we print posters, blueprints, window signs etc - Flyer & Brochure, Poster & Banner Printing in Frisco, TX

4.What kind of mailbox services do you provide?

We have physical mailboxes and virtual mailboxes that you can come in store to pick up mail and packages or have them shipped…

5.Will my mailbox be a P.O Box?

No you will get a physical address with your mailbox number attached.

6.Can you design my template for my business cards?

Yes we can design templates for business cards, signs, flyers etc

7.Do you take FedEx or Amazon return labels?

We take any return labels that have a shipping label with a barcode beware that if the package has a QR code or tells you to return at a FedEx store or Kohls we cannot accept.

8.Do you have a computer in store that I can print from ?

Yes computer use is $1 9. Can you print on adhesive paper? Yes for regular and large format printing

10.Do you provide notary service?

Yes we do - Notary Public Services in Frisco, TX

11. I have a physical mailbox there and I want to know how I can pick up mail after hours?

We do have an option for 24 hr access where you can retrieve your mail when it’s convenient for you!

12. Do you provide international shipping?

Yes - International Shipping in Frisco, TX Package Delivery Around The World

13. My package has not been delivered what should I do?

Use the provided tracking number to track the package and to view all updated information on delivery.

14. Are there going to be long lines I’m kind of in a rush?

No Mail and Print Frisco provides fast service and convenience to our customers you never have to worry about long lines. If in and out is what you need we got you!

15. Do you sell money orders?


16. Do you have a shredding service?

Yes we shred at .80 per pound and you can bring as much as you want shredded - Shredding Services In Frisco, TX

17. I have one package I want to send FedEx and another I want to send USPS can I do both at your store?

Yes here at Mail and Print Frisco all your printing and shipping needs will be a one stop shop!

18. I have files on a usb drive can you still print them?

Yes just bring the usb in store and we can connect and print.

19. Do you have flat rate boxes and envelopes?

Yes we provide pouches, boxes and envelopes for every carrier we ship for.

20. I want to ship an item I need to keep cold and fresh what can I do?

We provide dry ice that we can package with your item to keep cold and fresh.

21. I have a large item I have to ship do you have a box that’s 24” or larger?

Yes we provide over 30 different size boxes from small to extra large sizes and if the size you need is not in store we can order it - Professional Packing in Frisco, TX



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