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Physical and virtual mailboxes P.O. Box Frisco, TX

Physical mailbox is a real street address with a personal box number, that customers can use to receive postal mail and parcels from carriers such as Dhl, UPS, Amazon, and, FedEx.

Virtual address is an online service in which we offer a personal box that also has a real street address with your own personal box number where you can pick up or we scan, shred, forward or discard mail and packages.

Mail and Print Frisco offers both physical and virtual mailboxes. With both physical and virtual boxes, you will not get a P.O. Box. You will get a physical address with your mailbox number included. With both boxes you can receive and pick up mail in store as well as packages. Physical mailboxes start at $20 for a personal, $25 for a business, and $30 for corporate. With a physical box there will be a $10 setup fee and a $6 key deposit. Also, with a physical, you can add the option of 24 hr access for $3 more a month. Mail and print offer’s two plans for virtual mailboxes. The first is $10 for a virtual box. With this plan you would pay $1 for any scans, discards, shreds, mail pickups, and $3 for packages. The second plan we offer is $39.99 and that includes scans, discards, shreds, mail pickup, and packages. We also offer free coworking space, coffee, and drinks to all mailbox owners.


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To find out more about private mailbox rentals or to reserve your mailbox number, call 972.540.7887 or click the button below to send us a message.

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