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Antique Shipping in Frisco, TX

Trust Your Next Antique Shipment To The Experts

Antique shipments require a proper approach and knowledge. When planning the transport of valuable antique items, it is the best to commission such a service to a professional courier company in order to avoid unpleasant surprises e.g., damage to the contents of the package.

If you are the owner of the antique tableware, furniture, mirrors, paintings, sculptures or other valuable items, we will be happy to ship them safely for you.

Our Company Mail and Print Center Frisco, TX, specializes in the transport of unusual high-value items. We have a solid packaging material: boxes of various sizes, bubble wrap, etc. We adjust its type individually to the content that is being sent, to minimize the risk of damage to the shipment.

The safety of our customers and items that we sent is our priority. Therefore, in addition to solid packaging we also provide insurance for the shipments.

We are realists, and we know that despite our best efforts in life, various accidents may happen beyond our control. For this reason, our clients can benefit from the service that covers the protection of the valuable items, from the moment of packing, through transport, to the very delivery.

For packing and shipping antiques in Frisco, TX, visit the experts at MAIL & PRINT Frisco LLC.

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For more information on our antique shipping services, call us at 972.540.7887 or send us a message to request a quote.

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