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Package Receiving in Frisco, TX

Never Miss A Delivery Again!

It happens that ordered parcels are lost during delivery and cannot be recovered. Sometimes, when the addressee is not at home and cannot sign, they are returned to the warehouse. Another time, the couriers leave the parcel at the house and it is stolen.

To avoid similar situations, our company allows you to conveniently pick-up the shipment at the time specified by the customer and in the closest location.

The scope of our services includes, among others: signing the parcel after its arrival, entering the parcel into our register system, sending a notification about the arrival of the parcel by SMS to customer, e-mail or by phone, and safe storage of the parcel until pick-up.

For greater customer comfort, we offer the above services in two variants. We charge a small fee for each shipment, or we offer the option of long-term rental of a private post office box, from which you can pick-up your mail and various packages as part of the subscription fee.

Our Package Receiving Services Include:

  • Signing for your shipments when they arrive
  • Recording packages in our Package Receiving Management system
  • Notification via phone, text or email when you have a package
  • Safe and secure storage of packages until you pick them up – at your convenience!

We charge a small nominal fee for each package, or you can rent a private mailbox and receive all of your mail and packages as part of the service. So stop the package merry-go-round and use MAIL & PRINT Frisco LLC for your letter and package receiving service in Frisco, TX.

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